Universities spearhead research on lockdown’s effect on physical activity and wellbeing

With the coronavirus pandemic utterly transforming the way we live and work in such a short space of time, the way we do everything has changed and researchers and scientists are very interested in the data relating to various aspects of our lives and how they have been affected.

The University of Winchester is leading a team of researchers who have launched a new study to examine the effect of the UK government's lockdown strategy on the population's levels of physical activity.

The university is collaborating with other institutions in Swansea, Southampton, Portsmouth, Exeter, Oxford (Brookes) and Gloucestershire universities, and aims to survey a large sample of adults throughout the country to help understand the population effect of Covid-19 on people's physical activity and wellbeing.

The online survey will help researchers gather data to help optimise supports for the population’s physical and mental health and will help inform and prepare policy for any similar crises in the future.

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