In a torrent of information, follow the facts

With no shortage of sites, broadcasts and blogs providing advice, opinion and a variety of veracity, it can be hard to know where to go for up to date information on the coronavirus pandemic that you can trust.

While official sources may not be normally popular in terms of how they disseminate and present information, in the face of an uncertain enemy like this virus, they remain the most trustworthy repository of information that has been checked and verified, and (for the most part) data that has been verified using best practice.

State agencies such as the NHS in the UK, and the HSE in the Republic of Ireland, have considerable resources on their respective sites. Remember that data here is likely to provide the legal structure behind the actions that we have all been asked to take (social distancing etc) to stem the spread of coronavirus. There are plenty of other sources too, and we have compiled some below:

Republic of Ireland

The Government of Ireland has announced additional measures to protect citizens by delaying the spread of COVID-19. The general public is asked to follow this advice and keep informed of this ongoing outbreak. Full details of these updated measures can be found here.


Make sure you stay in touch with your college or university at this difficult time for information you can trust regarding your studies, exams, graduation or application. A database of third level institutions can be found on the Higher Education Authorities (HEA) site here.

Voluntary groups and emergency fund

The Department of Rural & Community Development (DRCD) have also set up a designated page to support Community and Voluntary organisations and the groups they support during Covid-19.

There is a Community Call Forum in each county to coordinate and connect the wide range of services and supports that are available. A dedicated phone helpline is operational in every county and the national number, 0818 222 024, is also in operation. You can find your local helpline number on

Over the coming days, each Local Authority will provide information to groups involved with the Community call effort in their area, regarding how to apply to the COVID-19 Emergency Fund. Further information is available here.

Mental health

The 'Together' campaign is hosted on and points people to the HSE’s Your Mental Health supports and resources which include many online and telephone services, as well as providing tips and advice from cross-government and Healthy Ireland partners on topics such as physical activity, parenting, coping with daily routines, supporting the ‘cocooned’ and getting involved in the community solidarity efforts.

Other important resources can be found at:

United Kingdom

The NHS and the government have a considerable range of resources available to keep you updated on official guidance from the government, medical administrators and various research and medical institutions; they are available here.

Other government-based information on practical tips that people can take in the face of the pandemic can be found here.

Up to date information on statistics relating to the coronavirus in the UK can be found on the UK’s dedicated government page.

Specific advice from Northern Ireland's administration can be found here.


Your own university or place of study is the most reliable place to go for any news, information or updates regarding the future of your studies, exams, application or graduation. A database of UK universities is available on the AGCAS website here.

Mental health

Mental welfare in this crisis is an area of concern for government and medical professionals, with particular advice on this important issue available on the Mental Health UK website.