Tips from other students on dealing with lockdown

One of the few crumbs of comfort at this difficult time is knowing that almost everybody else is in the same boat and facing the exact same challenges as you. Student Minds has talked to other students to find out what some of their top tips are for dealing with the current situation. Without structure and without the accompanying pressure, it can be hard to find direction and impetus to complete projects, write dissertations or complete other coursework. Some tips from others in the same situation can help you put your own struggles or lack of direction into context and perhaps even provide a way forward so you can keep momentum.

Some of the tips include:

'Spending time in nature has been proven to have a positive and long-term impact on our health and wellbeing. So, try to go outside today, especially if you have been inside working on your assessments or watching TV for a long time, and just look! Observe what’s around you, feel the wind, smell the earthy scents around you, and listen to the sounds. If you are taking a walk, try to follow a new pathway today, explore some parts of your neighbourhood which you have not been before.'

Alessio Bellato, PhD Researcher, University of Nottingham

'For all we have to isolate in person, it is now more important than ever that we band together, as friends and as humans. My mum always uses the saying "no man is an island", and at a time like this I feel that is very appropriate. Reach out to your friends and colleagues, and check in with family in what may be new ways to what you are used to. And most importantly, reach out for support. If you are finding it hard, you certainly aren't the only person, and people understand now more than ever.'

(Joe) University of West Scotland

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