#Coronanxiety support from Anxiety UK

With anxiety, stress and uncertainty being elements that we are all facing at this time, Anxiety UK has compiled a very comprehensive base of resources to provide online and phone support to those suffering during this pandemic. Using #coronanxiety, the organisation has compiled a range of information, resources and support that will help you understand how to deal with stress and anxiety while coronavirus is having such a massive impact on our lives.

In addition to practical advice via articles and a growing range of videos, the site also hosts webinars and a news stream relating to mental health resources that you might find useful at this time. The video series includes topics such as how to deal with feeling trapped and claustrophobic, tolerating uncertainty, sleeping well, how to be kind to yourself and many more.

Anxiety UK is an organisation established to promote the support, relief and rehabilitation of those suffering from anxiety-based attacks and disorders. During the pandemic, they are extending their helpline hours from 10.00 am until 10.00 pm (8.00 pm at weekends) so they can provide as much support as possible.

Find the full list of resources here.

Source information

 Anxiety UK is a UK charity for those affected by anxiety disorders.