How some universities are adapting during the pandemic

It's a confusing world out there for students at the minute, with everything normal seemingly interminably suspended and no certainty as to when and how they can return to normal.

Third level and higher education institutions are currently working frantically to rework deadlines, push ahead with early graduations and cancel exams or migrate them online.

In Ireland and the UK, students are advocating for a 'no detriment' policy, which means that your average grade to date is secure and can only be augmented with future assessments of projects. Campaigners say some students who must care for sick relatives or who have reduced access to computers, broadband and study aids may be disadvantaged.

The Tab has produced an article on which UK universities have introduced this policy, and what various institutions have done in terms of cancelling exams, changing dissertation deadlines or pushing ahead with early graduation.

Read the article from The Tab here.

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