Alternatives to ‘No Detriment’ and what they could mean for some Irish students

With many students lobbying universities for a ’no detriment’ policy to be adopted, to safeguard a minimum grade that can only be revised upwards, some Irish universities have adopted alternative policies.

No detriment

A policy of ‘no detriment’ essentially means that if a student receives a mark higher than their average from previous assessments before the closure of college, their average mark will go up, but if they receive a mark lower than their average but high enough to pass, their average will remain the same.

Trinity College Dublin

Trinity College Dublin has opted against ‘no detriment’ for the reasons explained in this article and has instead put in place a number of mitigating measures to help students navigate the uncertainty around their studies during the coronavirus pandemic.

Some of the options for Trinity students include resitting modules that they have already passed and deferring assessments. These options are amongst six that the university has adopted in response to demands for clarity for students.

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University College Dublin

University College Dublin has also skirted around the ‘no detriment’ option by pledging to put in place options relating to examinations and assessments. It extended this summer’s exam period by a week to spread out assessments, and says it will alter a number of assessments as students battle unprecedented circumstances ahead of their assessments.

UCD Registrar and Deputy President Mark Rogers said: 'I want to assure you that the challenging and stressful circumstances you are facing are being taken into account in relation to your assessments and examinations.'

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University College Cork

University College Cork has also rejected a blanket ‘no detriment’ policy, instead implementing a number of measures regarding exams in light of the coronavirus pandemic. These include allowing students affected by the virus the opportunity to apply to defer their exams, and students can also opt to resit exams or assessments without penalties. Read the article here.