Ready to ace your next interview? Prepare with Shortlist.Me.

NextStepSupport is proud to be partnered with Shortlist.Me, an online interview readiness platform that provides you with a whole marketplace of employer accredited mock video interviews- and we are delighted to share two practice interview tests courtesy so you can ace your next interview.

Practice answering role, industry, and company-specific questions, designed to help build your confidence and prepare you with real-life top-scoring answers.Their training solution is designed to help increase your employability and comes with coaching points to highlight performance areas.

You will need to register and log into NextStepSupport to access these practice tests. You will then be required to confirm your name and email address on Shortlist.Me

Remember: no one will see your Shortlist.Me interview - so try to relax and focus on giving the best answer you can. You will get some coaching in-between questions to help you improve your answers.

General Practice Interview

Are you ready to ace your next interview? We know how nerve-racking it can be, but don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! With Shortlist.Me, you can experience an interview from the comfort of your own home, whilst be prepared with top-scoring answers! Practice answering questions that are frequently asked by employers and at the end evaluate the structure and content of your answers, and assess your verbal and non-verbal communication to better prepare next time!

Communication & Answer Structure

Have you thought about how you might come across during an interview? It’s not just what you say that can make or break your interview, it’s everything in between! Perfect your skills with Shortlist.Me. Learn how to use the STAR method to detail your answers, identify whether you’re speaking clearly enough and whether you use filler words too much, and check whether your body languages matches your answers. After all, it all matters!