What changes have you made to your hiring plans?

Any recruitment deemed 'business critical', (which includes retaining our current trainees and continuing with our recruitment of future trainees), has not been put on hold at any point.

We are still recruiting for the same number of future trainees as we were pre-Covid.

Where can I see your latest information or application process?


Will you be running virtual hiring events on this site and others?

As long as this situation prevails and we are unable to meet students in person, we have been starting to, and will continue to run virtual hiring and recruitment events. We recently ran a (successful) virtual assessment day with the aim of recruiting future trainees for our Bristol office via Zoom. We will also run our 2020 London summer schemes virtually in partnership with InsideSherpa.

What will the hiring process be?

We will run different events tailored to our different objectives / recruitment needs. It looks unlikely that we will be able to run insight days in our office, therefore are currently exploring different platforms and partnerships for making these virtual.

Having successfully recruited for our 2022 Bristol training contract via a virtual assessment day, this has made us confident that we are still able to provide the same positive candidate experience as we would in person. The virtual assessment day was run exactly as it would have been in the office. The candidates still undertook various assessments, had a partner interview and took part in a Q&A / networking session to find out more about RPC.

We are looking forward to continuing the process of recruiting for our 2022 London training contract through our upcoming virtual summer schemes.

If I have a job or internship offer, will it still happen, or be deferred?

It will not be deferred. We will honour the offer made. Candidates might start virtually but otherwise it's business as usual.

What will happen if I do not have an exam result/ classification?

If your results have been affected by COVID, there is a 'mitigating circumstances' box on every RPC application, (whether you are applying for an insight day or a summer scheme). This is a great place to expand on your situation.

We appreciate that everyone has unique circumstances and understand that COVID-19 will have been an unprecedented and stressful time for many people which might have resulted in missed internships, varied academic results and an overall difficult time.

Are you offering digital work experience or internships?

Yes, after we complete our virtual summer schemes we will look to roll out InsideSherpa so that many more candidates interested in RPC can undertake some kind of virtual work experience with us.

We will also make sure candidates gain a flavour of RPC via virtual events, which we will either run ourselves or co-organise / attend in partnership with other organisations. Like any other year, we want to give students ample opportunity to meet us in a variety of ways at a variety of different times to get a real sense of RPC, its people and whether it's somewhere they would like to work in future.

Do you have any new roles or opportunities in reaction to COVID-19?

We do not have any new roles as a result of COVID-19 but we are thrilled to be in a position whereby none of our current or future early talent roles have been compromised. RPC knows the value of recruiting and retaining early talent therefore all our planned recruitment events have been and will continue to go ahead.

Do you have an email address that I can contact for more information?


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