For Purpose

What changes have you made to your hiring plans?

Due to the current situation with Covid-19 and the lockdown measures which have ensued, many of the organisations we work with have put their graduate recruitment plans on hold. Some roles which were at offer stage have been frozen while other campaigns have been pushed. As the sector/wider economy begins to reopen however we anticipate there will be an increase in recruitment activity again for the programme.

Where can I see your latest information or application process?

Information about our application process and graduate campaigns we are running is available on our website

Will you be running virtual hiring events on this site and others?

We are participating in online sessions/career fairs with different third-level institutions to provide general information about the programme. We also hope to be participating in further online career fairs over the coming weeks.

What will the hiring process be?

All interviews and assessments will take place virtually over Zoom for the time being. A final one-to-one interview with hiring managers may take place in person later in the summer before the role offer is issued subject to public health and safety requirements.

What will happen if I do not have an exam result/ classification?

If the student if able to provide evidence that they will still be graduating in the Autumn that would be sufficient even if full grades aren't available. Students who are repeating modules or remaining in college next year however would not be eligible for the programme as it is on a full-time basis only.

Are you offering digital work experience or internships?

Not at present.

Do you have any new roles or opportunities in reaction to Covid-19?

Not at present.

Employer Information

Sector: Charity, Public & Civil Service

Organisation Type: Not for profit