Fidelity International

What changes have you made to your hiring plans?

We are continuing to hire as normal, some onboarding dates have changed and some programmes have had their format altered to meet restrictions. Overall we have not reduced our number of roles or cancelled any planned hiring.

Where can I see your latest information or application process?

See for more information.

Will you be running virtual hiring events on this site and others?

We are planning on running some virtual events through the summer on a number of different platforms.

What will the hiring process be?

This depends on the level of restrictions when we are engaging in hiring but our recruitment process has easily made the transition to fully virtual. We have online assessments, video interviews, phone interviews and virtual assessment centres to provide a strong, robust recruitment process in the current environment.

Do you have an email address that I can contact for more information?

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Sector: Banking, Insurance & Financial Services

Organisation Type: Corporate