What changes have you made to your hiring plans?

All our existing graduate roles will be going ahead as planned with one minor change: remote working. All new joiners have been made aware of this and are looking forward to our virtual onboarding specifically designed to welcome our new digital community. As for next year, we’re still undergoing analysis to understand the business need and where opportunities will be across the business – but you can guarantee we will be recruiting.

Where can I see your latest information or application process?

Please visit experianguideforcandidates/early-careers.

Will you be running virtual hiring events on this site and others?

Absolutely! We’re excited to meet the next generation of talent, more so now we’ve moved online allowing us to reach a wider demographic of students. Keep your eyes peeled on this and many other platforms for our virtual events, webinars, presentations and online career fairs.

What will the hiring process be?

  • CV Application
  • Online Testing
  • One-way Video Interview
  • Assessment Centre (Virtual or physical)

We're regularly reviewing government guidelines to ensure a safe, fair and consistent recruitment process. At present, our assessment centres have gone ahead virtually. If this changes you will be notified throughout the recruitment process.

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