Webinar: time management with Sandra Woo, Optiver

Sandra Woo from global trading giant Optiver offers advice on how to maximise your time management skills in lockdown as part of this exclusive Next Step Support webinar.

Sandra suggests helpful methodologies based on Stephen Covey's book The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, including how to identify your sphere of concern versus your sphere of influence and how to use an Eisenhower Matrix to sort and prioritise between 'urgent' and 'important' tasks.

Both of the concepts are explained in very simple practical terms to give you an idea of how you could put these time management strategies into practice. Whether you need to make the most of your time while pandemic job hunting or you just need a little productivity boost to make your early career working from home experience easier, give this webinar a watch to see if you could be more efficient in your everyday life.

Webinar: how to use and improve your time management skills with Sandra Woo, learning and development consultant at Optiver