University teachers call for roadmap to aid both staff and students

The Irish Federation of University Teachers has called on the government to consult with institutions, staff and students to put together a roadmap to avoid any more uncertainty for higher education.

The General Secretary of the Federation, Joan Donegan, said that the state of ongoing ‘limbo’ cannot be allowed to continue, and that the Department of Education and Skills needed to intervene.

'We need clear and detailed discussion on a roadmap from government on issues like when and how colleges will be allowed to reopen, how national restrictions will affect or inhibit class- based teaching, and government and funding guarantees to ensure staffing levels and colleges remain viable,’ Ms Donegan said in a report in The Irish Times.

‘Over 40,000 students hoping to enter third-level and up to 200,000 students already in the system have currently no idea on when and under what conditions colleges will reopen.’

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 The Irish Times is a daily broadsheet published in Ireland.