Take the Graduate Benchmark tests

One thing lockdown is giving most of us is some extra time. If you're keen to use this extra time to boost your employability, consider taking the Graduate Benchmark. It's a chance for you to find out how well you can do in standard employer aptitude tests – numerical reasoning, verbal reasoning and inductive reasoning – and you can compare your performance to that of your peers. And don't worry – there are practice tests you can do first before you do the real thing.

Why take the Graduate Benchmark?

You'll be able to use your Graduate Benchmark results to understand your strengths, focus and prioritise your job search and increase your chances of success.

Taking the Graduate Benchmark tests could confirm your hunch that a particular area isn't for you, or give you the confidence to apply for roles you wouldn't have considered beforehand.


Three practice tests are offered, and it’s strongly recommended that you use these to warm up so you can perform your best in the Graduate Benchmark.

It's best to approach the Graduate Benchmark in the same way as you would the real thing — aptitude tests set by an employer to assess candidates for a graduate job.

Test yourself

The Graduate Benchmark consists of three tests: numerical reasoning, verbal reasoning and inductive reasoning.

These aren't the only aptitude tests used by employers, but they're among the most common. If you take all three, it'll give you a good idea of how you perform in this kind of assessment.

Review your results

The ability to review your results and see them in context in the graduate jobs market is a unique feature of the Graduate Benchmark.

After you've completed each test, you'll receive a personalised report showing how you did compared to your peers who have also taken the test. You'll be able to apply different filters to refine the results. So, for example, as more of your peers take the tests, you'll be able to see how you compare to people who are at the same university, in the same year or studying the same subject.

Where can I find the Graduate Benchmark?

Head over to TARGETjobs or gradireland. If you're signed up to these sites, it's free to take the Graduate Benchmark and see how you'd get on with aptitude tests. If you aren't signed up, registration online only takes a minute.

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