Becoming a ‘triple threat graduate’ – some advice for a post-pandemic world

When the world eventually returns to some sort of normality it won't just be the retail and service industries that will go back to normal; many students will also have to return to complete their degree. But, in a post-pandemic world, how can you make the most of your studies and stand out from everyone else?

You will not only have to change and adapt on an individual level, but your course and institution will also have to adapt. According to Forbes, you should expect to leave your third-level institution as a 'triple threat' graduate. That is a graduate who has engaged in several long-term projects, obtained extensive work experience through either an internship or placement, and completed a recognised qualification for a particular sector or industry. The author of the article argues that developing such graduates has benefits for both the student and employers, with this strategy already underway at a number of major US institutions.

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